Looking for answers to questions about the situation we’re in

I read a fair amount of print media and listen to a lot of NPR news but I haven’t run across answers to the following questions, which seem like important ones. It may be that I’ve missed stories. Any ideas?

> Why did Trump agree to let Woodward, well known liberal journalist, tape him?

> I hear Rachel Maddow and other journalists lamenting the Covid-19  meatpacker deaths resulting from industry’s determination to practice their business-as-usual. But what are the workers themselves saying about their victimization?

> With all the coverage given to the infamous nine minutes of the cop’s knee on George Floyd’s neck I have heard no conjecture as to what was going through that cop’s mind or emotions during those ninr minutes. Conjecture is just conjecture, but I’m surprised we don’t seem more curious about an important part of what’s become an historic story. Any ideas?

> In a story the source of which I’ve lost track of, an “expert” said that if the social distancing and lockdown that had happened in most parts of the US by mid -March had happened just two weeks earlier—say March 1st– 90% of all the lives that would be lost to the virus would have been prevented. And if just one week earlier, half of all the lives would have been saved. The story is told on Trump: he had the basis in advice from experts to lock the country down earlier but he didn’t do it. But I don’t remember any public figure, including Dr. Fauci or someone from the CDC publically stating in , say, a news story in the New York Times before March 1st, what we had to do by way of lockdown to prevent all those deaths. Trump is certainly hugely to blame as the most responsible public figure. But if my memory serves (and I hope to have it corrected) most experts and public figures were in some form of denial about what was coming. Can anyone cite early warnings of the need for social distancing and lockdown?


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