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Eastham deserves a downtown

Every town deserves a downtown, a Main Street. You could argue that the downtown is what makes a town a town, or the sort of town it is. What Eastham has instead of a downtown is a 4-lane highway. In a public meeting late last month concerned townspeople complained about life with Route 6 in […]

Electronic voting in Eastham means a very big change

In its recent town meeting, Eastham replaced traditional voting by voice or raised hands with electronic voting. It seems a small thing, this change, a matter mostly of efficiency and accuracy. But it has more profound implications than you would think from the debate leading to it, which seemed to focus mostly on the expense […]

A Wellfleet perspective on Eastham’s water controversy [op ed CCT 30 April 2013]

At a fateful town meeting May 6 Eastham will decide whether it is necessary to spend 115 million dollars on a townwide public water system. That’s around 850 dollars per year per household, year after year, not including the thousands to hook up to the system for those who want to. The old commonsense of […]