Monthly Archives: August 2011

[op-ed ] What’s missing is clarity, not civility

“The problem is with a Congress which can’t compromise for the good of the country.” I heard somebody say this in an NPR interview the other day in the aftermath of the budget crisis in Washington. The next day at a gathering a friend announced with a twinkle that he was thinking of starting a […]

[ op-ed ] Police and community need to share the responsibility

Over the years I have written a number of times about troubling police behavior even here on the more rural end of the Cape. The controversial roughing up of 4th of July celebrants, the proposed use of tasers, DNA swabbing of the inner cheeks of whole male population of one town, the use of surveillance […]

We are all Charlie Sheen’s brother

A WORD OF CAUTION. I am well aware that the job of an op- ed columnist is to be a moral leader and provide solutions to problems plaguing society. And I take that responsibility very seriously. But reader, I have to warn you that you might want to skip this one. I’m afraid it contains […]