Monthly Archives: October 2015

The De-fusing of the f-bomb

It’s f—— sad. It really is. What’s happened to this word so f—— powerful that you could f—— end a marriage with it or start or a f—— fight. Or, the word having the power of a punch itself, not even f—— have to. I can’t spell it out here, one of the few places […]

GPS almost almost got us killed

Those of us old enough to straddle the digital watershed are probably more sensitive to the downside of killer apps than millennials. In July, an old friend visiting the Cape from out of town was staying in a B&B in Eastham. He had ridden his bike up to Wellfleet for a visit, but when we […]

Pilgrim now admittedly unsafe.

The announcement that Pilgrim will close by July 2019 is a cause for celebration. But there is, when you think about it, a sobering side effect. The decision to close the plant because spending the money necessary to make it safe would make it unprofitable is an implicit admission that it is unsafe. In fact, […]

Say it ain’t so,Tom

I suppose everybody has seen the story: “Tom Brady endorses Trump.” No way. Our Tom Brady? I’m aware that a lot of professional athletes, like other wealthy people, are of the Republican persuasion. But Trump? Seriously? This throws me into moral confusion. I’ve been enjoying this season, with its backstory of the inflategate thing and […]

Secondhome owners’ counter-productive naivete

An explosion of angry letters from secondhome owners dominated the op-ed section of this week’s Provincetown “Banner.” They were miffed by an editorial calling secondhome owners “fair-weather friends” and making a connection between the secondhome market and homelessness [(which is seen as contributing to the recent death of a well-known local artist). “These are hurtful […]