Monthly Archives: May 2012

A signed column about unsigned blogs [CCT op-ed 15 January 2008]

Suddenly, it’s all about blogs. A young fellow of my acquaintance, in his “it’s-a-free-country, isn’t it” innocence, posted a comment on a blog last year that got him in a bit of hot water. The sentiment, hyperbole common enough among those wishing for the removal of our current ruler for being a danger to humankind, […]

Between the devil and the deep blue sea [CCT 29 May 2012]

Well, at least 50 or so of us feel strongly enough about the Pilgrim re-licensing issue to get their bodies there to protest, 14 to get arrested in civil disobedience. Aside from this intrepid little band, what are the rest of us thinking about the idea of letting the already decrepit 40 year old plant […]

Truro’s Kline house controversy: what it boils down to [op-ed CCT 15 May 2012]

Four years in and counting, the saga of Truro’s controversial Kline house continueth. Quick recap: In 2008 building inspector Wingard issues a permit for the largest house in town at 8333 square feet. Neighbors immediately sue, putting the project in jeopardy, you would think, but nothing daunted, the Klines proceed full speed ahead. State courts […]

The difference a voice makes [op-ed CCT 5 July 2000]

If I could start this with a few minutes of birds singing I would. Robert J. Lurtsema, host of National Public Radio’s “Morning Pro Musica,” died last month. And the world will not be the same because of how he lived in it. Yeah, I know, everybody changes the world in one way or another. […]

School bullying in a bullying world [op ed CCT 1 May 2012]

Presumably the heralded new movie “Bully” will soon be in local theaters, punctuating a period of heightened interest in this subject. Stopping the evil of bullying in schools has been one of the hot topics in the last couple of years. In Massachusetts a lot of the discussion was triggered by the suicide of South […]