Monthly Archives: November 2013

Atheism: not chopped liver; or, In godlessness some of us trust [op ed Cape Cod Times 12 November 2013]

At this writing the Supreme Court is deliberating the legality of prayers being said before town government meetings in the town of Greece, New York. They took up the issue 30 years ago and decided that it was OK to say a non-sectarian prayer before Nebraska state legislature sessions. The complaints about prayers in Greece […]

Handing off the future [ op ed Cape Cod Times 29 October 2013 ]

“Where are the young people? We need to reach out to the young people.” In meetings of a local group working to close down Pilgrim, the mostly gray and graying membership talk ardently (the only way we know how to talk) about the crying need to recruit more young people to our ranks.   How […]

The appeal of “Breaking Bad” [ OP ED Cape Cod Times 15 october 2013]

Well, now that the much -celebrated “Breaking Bad” has wound down to its horrific finish it can be said: damn was that fun. Serious fun. Fun and then some. What was there about “Bad” that so many found irresistible? Great writing, great acting, innovative music and photography—definitely; and what else do you need to know? […]

Hanford mill to Pilgrim: rethinking progress [ op ed Cape Cod Times 1 October 2013]

For a week in early summer, when the world was making its way to the mecca of Cape Cod, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, the lush folds of farmland west of the Catskills. Our host said, “You’ve got to see the Hanford mill” and took us to downtown East Meredith, NY, to […]

They’re baaaack: NStar to spray again [op ed Cape Cod Times 17 september 2013]

With astounding callousness NStar, the so-called public utility, has announced its intention, after a voluntary moratorium, to go ahead and spray herbicide on the foliage in the powerlines right of way. All Cape towns have passed resolutions against spraying. Thousands of residents, visitors, and businesses have signed GreenCAPE petitions against spraying. Physicians, public health academics, […]

Accidents- waiting- to- happen [op ed Cape Cod Times 3 september 2013]

A local teen killed trying to cross Route 6 on his bike. A town doing its best to share in the grief of the bereaved single mom. The police quickly determine that nobody is at fault. Nobody is charged. Nobody is to blame. But it feels like maybe the summer crowding itself is somehow to […]

Dan Wolf’s proven progressive ideas [op ed Cape Cod Times 20 august 2013]

Dan Wolf has built a great reputation in a term and a half as state senator. His admitted problem starting his race for governor has been name recognition beyond his district. Assuming he overcomes his State Ethics Commission hurdle, as a “Boston Globe” editorial and most others commenting feel he should, a lot of that […]

Pilgrim: what will it take? [op ed Cape Cod Times 6 August 2013]

In a democracy we are encouraged to believe that the will of the people should carry the day. That’s the idea anyway. But as we know, it often doesn’t seem to work out that way.   For instance, the Pilgrim nuclear power plant. It would seem that a substantial majority of Cape Codders would like […]