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In a recent “New Yorker,” Clive James owned up to binge-watching “Game of Thrones,” a most un-”New Yorker”ish thing to do, one would think. But binge-watching is where it’s at, our new favorite thing. Suddenly a respectable thing. Everybody you meet has a new fav they are touting. Those who might have turned up their […]


Late in the evening, tired, our guard down, we plop in front of the TV looking for a little entertainment. We give “Deadwood” a try. People seem to like it. This version of a frontier town has virtually everyone issuing the f-bomb every other word (surely a contemporary overlay; was vocabulary so impoverished then?). And […]

The appeal of “Breaking Bad” [ OP ED Cape Cod Times 15 october 2013]

Well, now that the much -celebrated “Breaking Bad” has wound down to its horrific finish it can be said: damn was that fun. Serious fun. Fun and then some. What was there about “Bad” that so many found irresistible? Great writing, great acting, innovative music and photography—definitely; and what else do you need to know? […]