Monthly Archives: May 2013

Climate Change: addressing the momentum problem [op-ed CCT 14 May 2013]

I recently attended a forum on “Planning For Climate Change” at the Audubon Sanctuary here in Wellfleet. There was emphasis on both reducing and coping with climate change effects on this vulnerable town, the encroaching seas, the battering storms. Worse-come-to-worst, we were told, we may at some point have to put some of our houses […]

A Wellfleet perspective on Eastham’s water controversy [op ed CCT 30 April 2013]

At a fateful town meeting May 6 Eastham will decide whether it is necessary to spend 115 million dollars on a townwide public water system. That’s around 850 dollars per year per household, year after year, not including the thousands to hook up to the system for those who want to. The old commonsense of […]

Is this place becoming diluted? [op-ed CCT 16 April 2013]

Pretty soon, the word “place” may have nothing left to refer to. Corporate hegemony and the shrinking world of the internet and other forces of homogenization are making “place” an endangered phenomenon. What does it mean, “place”? It has always seemed too commonplace to need defining. (“You know: place, just a spot on earth, a […]