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The meaning of the Trump phenomenon

Along with everyone else, it seems, I’ve been trying to come up with an explanation for the Trump phenomenon. Phenomenon because it’s impossible to imagine that anyone would vote for the man himself. And of course not everyone is mystified; not, for instance, the millions who apparently crave him above all other fellow humans for […]

Was the Cuban revolution a failure?

The opening of the US toward Cuba seems a good moment to evaluate Castro’s 1959 revolution. The impression I get from the media and comments by even liberal friends is that it is widely considered a failure. Those of a liberal bent give Castro credit for getting rid of the dictator and the dominance of […]

Rep. Keating missing the boat on Cuba [ CCT / 21 February 2012 ]

Let’s talk about Rep. Keating’s take on Cuba. Last July our man in Congress voted to approve an amendment to a bill that would restore Bush-era restrictions on travel to the beleaguered island nation. By way of explanation a Keating spokeswoman said in an email to the Cape Cod Times: “Congressman Keating does not support […]

New Year’s revolution? [27 December 2011 / CCT ]

I wonder how many of us have on our list of New Year’s resolutions not just various items of personal makeover, but revolution itself? Talk about turning over a new leaf. This should be a dangerous time of year, bombarded as we are with the traditional Christmas movies with their essentially revolutionary message: Scrooge’s overthrow […]