Monthly Archives: July 2013

Transgendering: biology or style? [op-ed CCT 23 july 2013]

Massachusetts’ Transgender Equal Rights Act became law on the first of July. Even for the liberal-minded among us, especially those of a certain age, the transgender phenomenon (to which young people are apparently flocking) is one more item for the What- Are -We- Coming- To file.   It used to be, and it is still […]

Contradictions of affordable housing [op-ed CCT 25 June 2013]

Affordable housing is an issue with, it seems, very few opponents. There is m ore to its appeal than pure altruism. First, most of us aren’t rich and we naturally sympathize with those who can’t afford the average house in our high-priced town. Especially when they are our own kids. Naturally, we’d like them to […]

Eastham’s latest water vote : David vs. Goliath [op-ed CCT 11 June 2013]

   All eyes (as it were) will be on Eastham June 22 as a special town meeting will once again try to decide the town’s water future. Eastham, the last town on the Cape to get with the program and sign up for a p ublic water system–or so the proponents of such a system […]

The logic of fearing Pilgrim [op-ed CCT 28 May 2013]

The movement to shut down Pilgrim nuclear power plant seems finally to be taking off. All 14 of the towns who have voted on it have voted to that effect. A poll shows a great majority of us afraid of Pilgrim. The May 19th demonstration in Plymouth was the largest so far.   If ever […]