Monthly Archives: January 2012

Wellfleet’s opinion of an enlarged Cumby’s is pretty clear [ CCT 24 January 2012 ]

For whatever reason, the little town of Wellfleet, with our off-the-grid self-image has, after long neglect, been coming up on corporate radar. Hard on the heels of Dunkin’ Donuts’ application to enhance its beachhead here with a drive-thru window, Cumberland Farms has applied for a makeover. It proposes to enlarge the store itself and move […]

Should we feel sorry for NStar? [CCT / 10 January 2012]

New year’s resolution: Stop picking on poor little NStar. Only a joke, of course, but you can get to thinking that way. In recent months there has been widespread griping about the power company’s performance in two big storms. Maybe, people have begun to think, the problem of trees falling on wires causing great inconvenience […]