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AI : thinking about the end of the human era

Don’t look now, but while our attention is being distracted by all the media focus on climate change, there’s a much more ominous threat on the horizon: artificial intelligence ( AI). Unlike climate change, AI is not an unintended consequence of technology but something fellow humans are working hard to bring about. The goal the […]

Secondhome owners’ counter-productive naivete

An explosion of angry letters from secondhome owners dominated the op-ed section of this week’s Provincetown “Banner.” They were miffed by an editorial calling secondhome owners “fair-weather friends” and making a connection between the secondhome market and homelessness [(which is seen as contributing to the recent death of a well-known local artist). “These are hurtful […]

[op-ed] Re-inventing green

Green, green, green. It’s all you hear these days. Green is the color of the bandwagon bound for the future and we’re all climbing aboard. I read a news story the other day about the latest thing in green houses, the “passive house.” Turns out there’s a really exciting, cutting- edge movement to make houses […]

[op-ed] What this world is coming to

This is a Janus column. Janus, the two faced god who faces simultaneously the future and the past. Perhaps those of us of a certain age (probably anything over 15 or 20) will come to be known as the Janus generation, (Gen Jan in the shorthand of generation naming), with one foot (and a big […]