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Non-residents’ push for the vote: what’s at stake

Outer Cape non-resident taxpayers have clamored ever more loudly in recent years to be able to vote in the town where they own a house, as well as where they live. A recent My View by the president of the Provincetown Part-time Resident Taxpayers Association spells out the argument: to deny secondhome owners a say […]

Outer Cape non-residents pushing to vote locally

When Wellfleet’s non-resident taxpayers began to organize themselves about 20 years ago, they made a big point of declaring their innocence of any ambition for a vote in local affairs. But some, at least, of the growing demographic of second-home owners are now pushing for the vote. The Wellfleet Non-Resident Taxpayer Association (NRTA) recently held […]

The differential tax issue

Wellfleet’s selectmen have voted 4-1 not to follow Truro and P’town in giving fulltime residents a break through a residential tax exemption. It’s not clear why they think Wellfleet locals are in such a different economic situation from the neighboring towns that we couldn’t benefit from such a measure. But since non-residents in attendance at […]

Secondhome owners’ counter-productive naivete

An explosion of angry letters from secondhome owners dominated the op-ed section of this week’s Provincetown “Banner.” They were miffed by an editorial calling secondhome owners “fair-weather friends” and making a connection between the secondhome market and homelessness [(which is seen as contributing to the recent death of a well-known local artist). “These are hurtful […]

Second-home owners in local government? Think twice.

The non-resident taxpayers are getting restless. “Part-time residents want more say in town,” headlines a recent “Cape Codder” story. “Second-home owners in Provincetown are calling for a bigger seat at the table when it comes to local government.” According to the president of the Truro NRT group at a July 5 meeting, “this is not […]

Wellfleet non- resident taxpayers have their way [op-ed CCT 27November 2012]

Places change. And sometimes you may be able to catch a key moment in the process. In September a large contingent of Wellfleet’s non-resident taxpayers, people who live most of the year elsewhere, converged on a selectmen’s meeting to weigh in on a controversial issue. The issue was a proposal by two selectmen to give […]

A case for a tax break for Wellfleet’s fulltime residents? Maybe [op-ed CCT 2 Octover 2012]

Some of my best friends are non-resident taxpayers. Really. A proposal to give Wellfleet’s full-time residents a property tax break has stirred some of the most heated conversation heard around here in some t ime The relief, which would be accomplished by charging non-residents and fulltime residents at different rates, giving it a bit of […]