Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tasers and the conscience of a community [op-ed, CCT,19 February 2013]

Wellfleet, the Taser issue, take two. In 2007 Wellfleet’s police chief, since retired, proposed to the board of selectmen the adoption of Tasers. He explained how this in theory nonlethal weapon was a win/win, reducing harm to both police and possible perps. Although the chief says that in his opinion he would have been within […]

Giving up the gun [op-ed CCT 5 Februar 2013]

We need to deepen our thinking about guns. About our relationship to guns. In this agonizing renewal of the ancient controversy over gun control we are, as with abortion, polarized into two rigid camps, both to some extent in denial of nuances of actual experience, actual feeling. We all learn from early schooling that, as […]