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One cheer for compartmentalism

Watching pro football is not like the ancient Romans watching gladiators killing each other in the coliseum. But it’s not so very different either. Especially now that we know the systematic, longterm, life-shortening physical toll taken on players. Nevertheless, I notice that I go on rooting for the Pats. A part of me shows up […]

Say it ain’t so,Tom

I suppose everybody has seen the story: “Tom Brady endorses Trump.” No way. Our Tom Brady? I’m aware that a lot of professional athletes, like other wealthy people, are of the Republican persuasion. But Trump? Seriously? This throws me into moral confusion. I’ve been enjoying this season, with its backstory of the inflategate thing and […]


Deflategate has turned into Scapegate, the scapegoating of the league’s most successful QB. The NFL’s investigator concludes that Brady “more probably than not” knew that the ball handler guys did what they did. “More probably than not”–so what’s that, 55-45? 65-35? That’s not a standard of proof that would hold up in any other arena, […]

The fallacy of underdog appeal [op-ed CCT [29 January 2008}

Go Pats! 18-0, the most wins in a season ever, and poised for immortality. Let’s hear it for the top dog. May the greatest get even greater. Doesn’t sound right, does it? Sort of immoral, like “May the rich get richer.” Most people say they prefer to root for the underdog. It just seems like […]