Monthly Archives: January 2013

Dunkin’ Donuts vs. the town of Wellfleet [CCT op-ed 22 January 22]

The point of this column is that there is nothing new in it. I know that’s not a very promising lead sentence, but it’s true that the latest Dunkin’ Donuts pitch to Wellfleet’s Zoning Board of Appeals is pretty much a repeat of the one about a year ago. A few days before Christmas George […]

Shaming the NRA [op-ed CCT 8 January 2013]

If in this moment of outrage over Newtown we are really serious about more stringent gun control there’s an o bvious way of making the task easier. We can give up our need to reinvent the wheel. We could model new gun legislation on other developed countries, all of them statistically much safer than ours. […]