Monthly Archives: October 2011

[ op-ed ] Do the rich deserve their wealth?

I must say the Occupy Wall Street movement does the heart good. Something about pent up righteous anger, which can seem to occupy no space at all and is hence all too easily ignored, finding outward expression in the classic fashion of taking to the streets. Does the head good, too, to see this physical […]

[op-ed] End of an era at WHAT?

What’s going on at WHAT ( Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater )? Perhaps the biggest news of this little town in recent months is the resignation in August of Jeff Zinn as artistic director (read head honcho) of Wellfleet’s celebrated beyond -local, local theater . This is more than a simple changing of the guard. At […]

[op-ed] 9/11: the view from a safe distance

Once again on this 10th anniversary of 9/11 to be subjected to the TV footage of that day. Those planes flying with such sickening purpose into those buildings. That interval, now rich with irony. Then all that immense architecture tumbling irresistibly down. Over and over. What is it about that footage? Yes, the sudden thought […]

[ op-ed ] The Column After The Storm

Irene was never the east coast Katrina the media tried their best to hype her into. She wasn’t even a hurricane when she made landfall in New York City. But she had impressive reach. The wind was blowing almost as hard here, 200 miles to the east, as it was there. She was not Katrina, […]