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Eastham’s latest water vote : David vs. Goliath [op-ed CCT 11 June 2013]

   All eyes (as it were) will be on Eastham June 22 as a special town meeting will once again try to decide the town’s water future. Eastham, the last town on the Cape to get with the program and sign up for a p ublic water system–or so the proponents of such a system […]

A Wellfleet perspective on Eastham’s water controversy [op ed CCT 30 April 2013]

At a fateful town meeting May 6 Eastham will decide whether it is necessary to spend 115 million dollars on a townwide public water system. That’s around 850 dollars per year per household, year after year, not including the thousands to hook up to the system for those who want to. The old commonsense of […]

New stuff in an old town [April 2009 / CCT]

When summer visitors arrive back in Wellfleet from their winter vacations, they’ll find lots of new stuff in town. We are a good deal spiffier than when they were last here. There’s the new fire station of course. Big and complex, sitting proudly out by Route 6, thumbing its nose at the very idea of […]

Wellfleet town meeting: doing the after math [May 2009 / CCT]

OK, on the premise that Wellfleet, as a canary in the coal mine of contemporary regulatory America, is of interest elsewhere (a parochial premise, I know): our recent town meeting. Much of the first night consisted of rubber -stamping budget items which in most cases most citizens didn’t know enough about to either approve or […]

Is pig heaven hell on groundwater? [November 2009 / CCT]

Recently Judy and Fred Tesson applied for a permit to keep 10 pigs on their half acre lot in Wellfleet. A neighbor, a part time resident, had complained in a letter to the board of health about the proposed pigs’ unpermitted predecessors , describing vividly “eight large pigs wallowing …in mud mixed with urine and […]