Monthly Archives: November 2014

Black Friday eating the Thanksgiving turkey

Forget about “The dingo ate your baby.” Black Friday is eating your Thanksgiving turkey. Thanksgiving has always had an unhealthy (and lord knows unsustainable) emphasis on consumption. But there has always been, along with the gobbling, a shot at some creative ritual, an element of mindfulness, rising to the occasion with heartfelt toasts. Sure, the […]

More accidents: what’s going on?

Still more accidents on route 6, two within a couple of hours and a couple of hundred yards of each other last Saturday. Another fatality. Middle of the day, off season. Can’t blame tense tourist traffic this time. Early in the day to be driving drunk. These added to the two big ones in the […]

P’town leaders can’t afford to live in the town they lead.

After a long and exhaustive, as well as exhausting, search Provincetown recently chose a new Town Manager. But the newly anointed one turned them down. Reason? Can’t afford to buy a house in town. Couldn’t he find a cheaper place elsewhere and commute to work? Maybe, but that wouldn’t be allowed. P’town requires its town […]

NStar’s “rape” of the Cape.

On a walk I noticed NStar’s sub-contractor’s trucks parked in our neighborhood. I assume that means they are about to do it to us. That’s what it feels like. “Nstar’s Rape of the Cape.” Has a nice ring to it. But is “rape’ too strong a word for what NStar has been doing to this […]

Ocean View Drive’s surprisingly obscure origins

The other day I was walking on Ocean View Drive here in Wellfleet and realized that if I’d ever known when it was constructed I’ve forgotten that. OVD is the road that, as the name suggests, runs along the top of the dunes connecting four main town ocean beaches. I was surprised that I didn’t […]