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The Seashore, the best thing about Outer Cape, created over local opposition.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Cape Cod National Seashore, probably the most important event in Outer Cape history since the fateful advent of Europeans, Every once in a while you’ll hear someone give credit for the Seashore park to progressive, nature-loving Outer Cape residents. A article published in the […]

The Cape Cod National Seashore and our no-frills president

“National parks struggle to stay open,” went the headline of a recent story about effects of the federal government shutdown, which at this writing is close to the end of its third week. Trump has said that for all he cares, the shutdown can go o n for months, even years. Become the new normal, […]

Useless nature. And its uses.

Taking a roundabout walk to the beach through the National Seashore, I start noticing all the trees out here by themselves in the middle of nowhere. The Seashore has its celebrated features, the ocean beaches, the bay, the kettle ponds. But then there’s the rest of it, all this stuff in between. There’s no entertainment […]

Dune shacks: private use to continue [op-ed CCT 24 July 2012]

At long last, the 50 year squabble over the Provincetown dune shacks may be simmering down, with an agreement signed on May 18. To the outside observer not conversant with the issues, the conflict must seem much ado about very flimsy architecture. The term “shack” is not false modesty. “Hovel” or “hut” would do as […]

Seashore park misbehaving at the pond again [June 2009 / CCT]

It’s pond season again. I walked over a couple of days ago on the warm Memorial Day, thinking to test the waters—actually, my mettle—and found the latter lacking. I waded out through the yellow pine pollen scum that had blown against the lee shore and stood there kneedeep thinking over the possibility of full immersion. […]