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Burgers are not the cause of climate change

Impossible Burger’s CEO says cows are the cause of climate change and is aiming to reverse it by getting rid of all cows by 2035. His plan is to satisfy the world’s considerable appetite for cooked cow with a fake version of the same thing. But he’s wrong about the cause of climate change. The […]

Climate Change and the Rising Tide of Us

It’s the elephant in the room when climate change is being discussed (and when isn’t it being discussed these days?). The fact is, it’s hard to take seriously a climate change movement that rarely alludes to the population explosion over the last century (from 2 billion to 7-plus over the lifetimes of many of our […]

The appeal of the sheepdog option.

I find myself (as Commander-in-Chief of this space every two weeks) trying to come up with something useful to say about the gun issue. Ever since reading the statistics showing that countries with low per capita gun ownership have much lower rates of homicides by guns, my take on guns, like that of most people […]

Article 38: the sweet logic of passive solar

Monday night Wellfleet has a chance to do a sensible thing, vote for article 38 on the town meeting warrant, the Stretch Code. It speeds up the pace at which the building code is moving toward making houses more energy efficient. There has been an exemplary effort to Solarize Wellfleet, spearheaded by the Wellfleet Energy […]

The rising tide of us

Robinson Jeffers, a misanthropic poet of the early part of the last century, preferred hawks to his own species. Though having to share the world with a mere 2 billion fellow humans (compared to our 7 billion), it was way too many for him. Wikipedia calls him an icon of the environmental movement, but he […]

Climate Change: addressing the momentum problem [op-ed CCT 14 May 2013]

I recently attended a forum on “Planning For Climate Change” at the Audubon Sanctuary here in Wellfleet. There was emphasis on both reducing and coping with climate change effects on this vulnerable town, the encroaching seas, the battering storms. Worse-come-to-worst, we were told, we may at some point have to put some of our houses […]

Our crazy climate change situation [op-ed CCT 26 June 2012]

The climate change situation we’re in gets crazier by the day. Like most people, I lack the educational background to check up on the validity of scientists’ worries about the climate future. But I can count and there seems no question that a strong consensus of those scientists expressing opinions and journalists following the issue […]

Wind turbines, climate change and sacrifice [op-ed CCT 12 June 2012]

There’s an intriguing battle raging right now as reflected in the pages of this newspaper. “Prepare now for climate change,” sternly lectures S. Jeffress Williams in a recent My View piece. “A consensus to harm citizens?” scolds Eric Bibler in another My View, referring to the wind turbine controversy in Falmouth. On the one hand, […]

Why second guess the spiritual argument? [December 2009 / CCT]

There has been a nasty tone creeping into the comments of Cape Wind supporters now that they sense victory is close. It’s a tone of mockery for the idea that spiritual values could really be the motive behind the opposition to the 130 450 foot -high wind turbines proposed for Nantucket Sound.. Commenting on the […]

[op-ed] Re-inventing green

Green, green, green. It’s all you hear these days. Green is the color of the bandwagon bound for the future and we’re all climbing aboard. I read a news story the other day about the latest thing in green houses, the “passive house.” Turns out there’s a really exciting, cutting- edge movement to make houses […]