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Doing something about the weather

Even now that even the mountains of plowed-up snow have finally (I think), melted, pretty much all the conversation here on the Outer Cape consists of complaining about the miseries of this winter, the endless shovelling and hacking at ice, the days stuck in the house, the concussions from falls, the backs thrown out from […]

The official end of non-summer [October 2009 / CCT]

There were a lot of big news stories over the summer, but surely one of the most memorable will turn out to be the story of the summer itself, or rather the lack thereof. Probably the average temperature was only a few degrees below normal, but we are sensitive creatures and a small deviation from […]

[ op-ed ] The Column After The Storm

Irene was never the east coast Katrina the media tried their best to hype her into. She wasn’t even a hurricane when she made landfall in New York City. But she had impressive reach. The wind was blowing almost as hard here, 200 miles to the east, as it was there. She was not Katrina, […]