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9/11 from a pond in Wellfleet

As if to make up for the Y2K flop, 9/11 got this spanking new millennium off to a rousing start, headed on a trajectory which so far it has yet to correct: to hell in a handbasket. (Stephen Pinker’s rose-colored glasses notwithstanding) I can’t remember the last minute, hour, day of my pre-9/11 innocence. (You […]

911 conspiracy theory–too dangerous to believe? [op-ed CCT 4 September 2012]

“9ll truth…The Experts Speak Out,” a movie on the alleged conspiracy to cover up the truth of the 911 attacks, showed recently in the Wellfleet library. (It’s available on YouTube.) I was vaguely aware that there was some controversy but I was shocked to learn that according to reputable polls a majority of Americans don’t […]