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D-Y should re-think special honoring of military enlistees [August 2010 / CCT]

Back to school: a time of fresh starts– fresh-scrubbed school, fresh-scrubbed students, teachers renewed by well-earned summer rest. Well, not everywhere. That happy picture is marred at Dennis-Yarmouth High School with the way last school year ended. At a June llth assembly in honor of seniors, while six students were honored with special plaques for […]

Afghanistan: No we can’t [June 2010 / CCT]

Ok, the proximate occasion of this column is the firing of the general in charge of our Afghanistan adventure. But that fraught mountain region has been in the media for all kinds of good news, bad news. June 14 headline: “Afghanistan at a turning point …Nation sits on $1 trillion in mineral wealth.” Good news, […]

Afghanistan: no country for young men and women [November 2009 / CCT]

In this season of thanksgiving, you know what I’m thankful for? I’m thankful my cannon fodder-age son is not inclined to serve his country in Afghanistan. It must be the worst thing in the world to lose a child in a war of dubious necessity . We say about the increasing numbers of casualties returning […]