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We’ll Always Have Mars

The title of “The Martian,” a movie that’s been playing in local theaters, is a bit of a joke. The protagonist is not actually a Martian in the sense of a native of our neighboring planet. He’s an Earthling, one of us, but (most likely) as much of a Martian as the Red Planet has […]

Orion, Apollo and the Model T

Want to know what’s weird? My 27 year-old son calls, wants to know if I’ve been watching the Orion test launch. He’s been up since seven to watch with his four year-old son. “Dad, you’ve got to see this. This Orion mission will be to our generation what Apollo was to yours.” TV coverage has […]

Healthcare initiative having trouble with liftoff [July 2009 / CCT]

It is indeed strange when you have to go back 40 years to get back to the future. When men bouncing on the moon looks quaint. Fact is, that first moon trip is more ancient to kids today than the Model T Ford was to baby boomers when we were young. Some pundits are calling […]