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Cliché by the Sea

Has anyone else seen “Year By The Sea”? Just wondering if there are fellow victims out there. This is not a recommendation. Yes, it was filmed mostly in Wellfleet and there is some pretty photography of our harbor, streets and buildings, so it’s understandable that those with a Wellfleet connection will want to satisfy their […]


The 7.4 million dollar re-build of the Wellfleet police station that is about to be rubber-stamped at a Special Town Meeting Tuesday is a quantum leap in police station infrastructure in a town whose population has for 15 years or so plateaued. All indications are that, if anything, the population will not rise in the […]

The Fate of High Toss Road

For quite a few years a major re-shaping of our town has been in the works. It’s called the Herring River Restoration and, mainly by removing a dike installed at the mouth of the estuary in 1909, will restore natural tidal flow to one of the largest wetlands in New England. A large portion of […]